Emily K Center Expansion Updates
Weeks of
October 11 – October 30, 2021

Current Activities

– Site concrete work (sidewalk)
– Handrail installation
– Site grading and excess dirt removal
– Buchanan Blvd curbing
– Paving
– Landscaping
– Site cleanup and pressure washing

Road Closures
– Intermittent traffic delays and congestion are possible on Buchanan Blvd due to material deliveries. Dump trucks and concrete trucks may be on the roadway at times.  Any deliveries will be scheduled around Immaculata Catholic School drop off and pick up times.
– Sidewalks on S. Buchanan Blvd will be closed on the Emily K Center side.

Campus-Wide Impact
– No campus-wide impacts are expected at this time.

Building Closure
– The Emily K Center is currently open with a significantly reduced on-site schedule due to COVID-19. No construction-related building closure is planned for this time period.

Questions? If your answer cannot be found in the FAQs below, please email us at expansion@emilyk.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Emily K Center?
The Emily K Center is a nonprofit organization that serves as a college access hub for Durham, providing free educational programs for students in first grade through college. Founded by Duke Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski, the Center was named in honor of his mother, Emily and inspired by her belief in education and opportunity. 

What is being built?
The Emily K Center is expanding its facility to add much needed classroom and one-on-one advising space for the 2,000+ students we serve. When complete, the expansion will add approximately 7,500 square feet of space and transform the way we can provide our free college access programs. As planning for the expansion was underway, a Campus Advisory Group was formed to ensure we had a core group of stakeholders from Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Immaculata Catholic School, and the Emily K Center who were well-informed about the project and could provide advice and input at decision points that would have an impact on the campus as a whole.

When is construction slated to start and end?
Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-May 2020, and if the project proceeds without delay, construction should end during the late summer of 2021 so we can welcome students for the 2021-2022 school year.

What will the schedule (days of the week/hours of the day) be for the construction?
The typical construction schedule will be Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Occasional weekend work may take place as needed and will be noted in the expansion updates section above. 

What steps are being taken to control noise/disruptions?
Our construction schedule has been designed to minimize disruptions and noise as much as possible. The expansion updates section at the top of this page will further identify any periods when noise or disruptions may be more pronounced.

Will there be an impact on the use of the Emily K Center during construction?
There will be some minor disruption within the current facility during the early phases of construction. These disruptions are targeted for the summer of 2020 to minimize impact on operations. At this time, we plan to run all of our regular programs and current facility partnerships as usual with minor adjustments as needed. 

How will this impact parking and traffic for Immaculate Conception Church/Immaculata Catholic School/the neighborhood?
The timing of the project has been structured to minimize impacts as much as possible. A parking study was done and determined that there is sufficient parking onsite to meet current and expansion needs. On a day-to-day basis, there will be minimal impact to onsite parking and the construction schedule is being managed to avoid impact during peak times. Additional directional signage will also be added to assist in traffic management. 

What safety and security measures will be in place?
We will be working with our contractor and subcontractor teams who prioritize safety and security and have experience working on very active academic sites. Additional signage, fencing, and pedestrian/vehicular wayfinding signage will be put in place inside and outside of our facility to ensure safety. The Center and the Campus Advisory Group have established contacts and processes for quick communication in the unlikely event of an emergency. 

How are you addressing COVID-19 concerns?
The current Durham stay-at-home order deems construction as an ‘essential activity,’ thus we are in a position to be able to move forward with this project. Our General Contractor, CT Wilson Construction, has taken necessary steps to ensure that workers on site are kept to essential staff only and are able to work with social distancing and appropriate health and safety measures in place. Additionally, at the start of this project, most work will be done outside with only a small number of contractors on site at any given time. Moving forward with this project was not a straightforward decision. However, we have been fortunate to raise nearly 90% of the cost of the building already and feel that moving forward with construction is one small way that we can contribute to the Durham economy during challenging times. 

Who is the project team?
Triangle-based Vines Architecture is the architect of record for this project. In addition to a strong portfolio of higher education projects, Vines designed the renovation for Durham Main Library downtown. Durham-based CT Wilson Construction was selected to carry out the expansion construction because of their extensive school/education-based construction experience and emphasis on safety and security. All major project contractors were selected after a robust search process involving the Emily K Center’s Board of Directors, Building Committee, and campus partners.

Who do I contact if I have a question?
If your question is not answered through the dated expansion updates above or in the frequently asked questions, please e-mail expansion@emilyk.org.