Empower, Equip, Encourage

The $15M Game Changer Campaign is an essential investment in the Center’s future and in Durham’s.

Empower students on their path to college: $8 million

Programming constitutes 80% of our annual operating budget, and $8 million over the next three years will enable the Center to continue preparing students for college while bolstering their achievement and developing their character and leadership. New initiatives within the campaign include increasing the focus on college persistence, providing transportation options for students who otherwise would not have access to the Center, and developing a social-emotional support system for students to connect them with critically needed services. The Game Changer Campaign strengthens the Center’s foundation of life-changing college access.

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Equip the Center to serve students better: $3 million

The Center has grown from serving 38 students in one year to more than 2,000 today. Along the way, it has adapted its physical space to meet daily needs. Noise and distraction, however, inhibit activities that require heavy concentration or privacy.

A new 7,500 square foot addition is designed for the specific needs of college-access programs, providing much needed classroom space as well as rooms for quiet study and one-on-one advising. The new addition will offer more tutoring space and smaller rooms for important college access tasks such as essay writing and financial aid discussions.

To find out more about this expansion and our construction progress, please click click here. 

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Encourage Durham Youth for years to come: $4 million

The Emily K Center has inspired Durham students in the same way Emily Krzyzewski inspired her young son Michael: dream big, work hard, demonstrate character, and change the trajectory of your life and the life of your family.

The Generations Endowment Fund honors Coach K’s vision for helping academically focused, low-income students achieve their college dreams. The fund will ensure operational stability and a bright future for Durham students for generations to come.

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“I remember the moment that I found out that I was accepted to the Scholars to College program at the Emily K Center because it was the beginning of something amazing. The people at the Center have pushed me to be my best every step of the way.”
– Javi Currently attending University of Pennsylvania

“I cannot imagine life without the Emily K Center. I go to the Center every week, sometimes even when it is not my curriculum night. I feel like I am in a safe space surrounded by people who only want to help me succeed when I am the Center. Without the Emily K Center, I wouldn’t be going to college.”

– Cinthia Scholars to College, Class of 2018